Sleep is the best Meditation – Dalai Lama.

This cannot be further from the truth at Happy Mattress.

Our team is comprised of insomniacs, who have, for a long time struggled with restless nights and were looking to have a satisfying sleeping experience, like the regular people. 

As such, getting a comfortable and satisfying sleep is what pushes us to seek the next best thing in sleep. 

Whether it’s a new mattress or new beddings that will make our experience a bit more satisfying, we are all over that.

Beyond the products, we look at how sleeping impacts our daily lives. See, sleep is not all about shutting down your eyes, but the science behind sleeping is fascinating, and we love sharing and everything we know. 

Now, if you consider yourself a bona fide sleep junkie, welcome to Happy Mattress the one-stop destination for all your mattress and sleeping needs.

Our Story

Our journey began a long time ago.

With more than a decade in the industry, Happy Mattress was established with the sole aim of providing families and the hospitality industry with a range of sleeping solution products like mattresses and pillows to ensure a good night sleep. 

Since then, our product portfolio has outgrown the mattress niche, and our scope of products has become diversified to include pillows, foam sheets, and pillows.

At Happy Mattress, we provide our readers with a gamut of state of the art mattresses that will deliver a comfortable sleeping experience.


With so many mattresses vying for your attention, choosing the right mattress type is now more confusing.

At Happy Mattress we do believe that there is not one mattress that is no one perfect mattress for everyone, but we do believe that there is a bed that is 100% right for you.

And with our help, it’s no doubt that we can find it.

After literally having the chance to test hundreds of different mattresses from different brands, we can accurately figure which mattress is best suited for your needs.

How Do We Work?

At Happy Mattress we have a pool of quality experts, who perform a thorough product testing on all the product listed. 

After that, our able-team of writers and editors come up with informative and awesome pieces of content, before fact-checking the brief to meet the publishing protocol.

Our prowess and ability to deliver comprehensive, informative and review services and recommendations that are par with the customer expectations has given us that cutting edge over our competitors in the domain we serve.

Why Choose Us?

For a long period, Happy Mattress has been committed to delivering mattresses that emphasize on quality, style, and pragmatism.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our readers get quality mattresses within their reach.

We are fueled by our love for our customers and our passion to make their bedrooms brighter, warmer and more comfortable.

So, whether you’re in pursuit of better sleep or a comfortable sleeping experience, we at Happy Mattress we shall provide you with recommendations of the latest sleep mattresses.