How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress with Duct Tape

Air mattresses not only provide comfort but as well as convenience and adaptability. The air mattress will allow you to change its settings so you can find your desired level of satisfaction. However, this kind of mattress is likely to have leaks. If it is not made of long-lasting materials, a sharp item can puncture the mattress.

Furthermore, if you over inflate the mattress, the seams may burst to create air leaks.

How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress with Duct Tape

If you notice your mattress losing air even though you’ve just inflated it, there might be a hole, and it needs to be fixed. But first, you need to find the hole.

Step 1: Put the air mattress in a bright, quiet room. This will help you to identify where the hole is because you will clearly see and hear a hissing sound of the air escaping from the hole.

Step 2: Connect the pumping device to the inflation valve of the mattress and then inflate it. Fill it until the mattress is firm enough. Remove the pump and seal the valve.

Step 3: First check if any open seams need to be mended. Then listen to hissing sounds. If you hear any noises, you should check it immediately. If you cannot find the source of the noise, get a weak piece of tissue paper and slowly run it on the surface of the mattress. If something distracts the tissue, then that could be the leaky part.

Step 4: If your mattress can be submerged in water, you should inflate it and then submerge it in water. And if you see bubbles escaping, then that is the leaky part. However, you should take the mattress out immediately to prevent water from pouring inside the room.

Step 5: Once the hole has been located, mark it with a permanent marker before continuing.

Most air mattresses come with a mending kit for fixing leaking parts. However, in this case, will use duct tape to repair the holes.

Before you get started make sure you have the following requirements. In this demonstration you will need:

  • Cleansing soap
  • One moist wipe
  • Super Glue
  • Duct tape

Step by Step Guide of Fixing a Hole in an Air Mattress with Duct Tape

Step 1

Once you have all the requirements, you should start by cleaning the area where you have the leak or hole. Use the cleansing soap to clean the area. You may then use the moist wipe to disinfect the spot once you have cleaned the area around the hole.

Step 2

Ensure to dry the area with a clean piece of cloth or towel (preferably one that just comes out of the dryer). The heat of the towel will cause the precipitation on the air bed to evaporate, leaving a clean, smooth surface to work on.

Step 3

Once you’ve dried the area, place a piece of duct tape over the hole. When taking off a strip of duct tape, make sure you don’t touch the sticky side to anything. You do not want dust covering your hole.

Step 4

Now place the duct tape piece on a clean dining room table, with the sticky side upward. Take your super glue and cover the sticky side. Note that you will need to work quickly on this part. Once the adhesive is on the tape, pick up the tape and put it over the hole (placing the sticky side down). Press firmly until the duct tape is stuck to the mattress.

Step 5

Once you’ve completed this step 4, test the mattress again for any sign of leaking. If there are none, you’re ready for a good night sleep.

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