How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress Without a Patch Kit

Air mattresses might not be that expensive, and may not be something you use all the time. You might not think them of something you’ll spend time fixing. Knowing how to fix a leaky air mattress is incredibly important. The process can as well be incredibly effortless as there are several ways to fix it.

Why do air mattresses deflate overnight?

You might be confused waking up every morning and finding your mattress deflated. Air mattresses deflate overnight irrespective of what you do. The answers to the questions you ask yourself why your mattress isn’t cooperating will be given below. Every question is carefully answered to help you take care of your mattress so it lasts long.

Why do air mattresses keep deflating?

You shouldn’t worry when you wake up in the morning and find your mattress deflated. Air mattresses deflate overnight due to design pressure and temperature put on them. Your mattress must have a small room to breathe, and so it loses a small amount of air by just laying down. It’s a bit colder during the night than during the day.

Cold air during the night makes the air inside the mattress to condense, so your mattress may appear to have lost some air, but it’s simply going through some physical changes. The air inside will expand and take up more space when the temperature begins to rise in the morning. An air mattress losing air might be an indicator of a leakage and you got to be vigilant and check if its leaking.

Do all air mattresses lose air?

All air mattresses lose some air in the night, but this generally depends on the design as all air mattresses are not designed in the same way. Your body weight plays a huge role in the amount of air it loses, while its elevation makes a difference as well. Mattresses used at higher altitudes lose air a bit faster. Cold temperatures also make the mattress lose air abnormally. No one mattress is immune to leakages and deflation, but some perform better.

How can I stop this?

You can’t stop your air mattress from losing air permanently. It would burst if it is completely airtight. However, you can make a bit of changes to your environment to help your mattress perform better. Keep your area warm in order to cut on air loses in the mattress. Lying flat on the mattress will prevent the air from being pushed out at a higher rate. Avoid siting on the mattress as this puts high amount of pressure on a small area.

However, if your mattress is losing air within a short period of time, it could be an indicator of a leakage.

How to Repair an Air Mattress Without a Patch Kit

How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress Without a Patch Kit

A leaky air mattress will become uncomfortable as it loses its firmness, and you can find yourself lying on the floor when the morning comes. You can however fix your mattress without having to buy a new one even if you don’t have patches or a repair kit.

Locate the leak

You can either follow the steps below or read our separate article where we tell you how to identify a leak in an air mattress.

Step 1 – Inflate the mattress to its full capacity, then seal it as if you’re setting up for sleep. Take the mattress out and lay it on the ground. Make sure the ground isn’t rugged to damage the mattress further.

Step 2 – Get a bucket full of water and add dish soap until it begins to make suds. Use a sponge to wipe this soapy water over the mattress. Locate those areas that seem to be blowing out studs. These are the areas you need to concentrate on.

Step 3 – Mark these areas with a permanent marker and clean them thoroughly allowing them to dry up completely before you continue. Wipe other areas on the mattress with a towel and let it dry in the air.

Step 4 – In case the mattress has a textured or flocked surface, sandpaper the areas of the leaks gently to create a flat expanse to apply vinyl adhesive.

How to fix the leak?

Step 1 – Put on rubber gloves to cover your hands from vinyl adhesive. Apply this adhesive to your located tears and holes.

Step 2 – All the coat of the vinyl adhesive you’ve applied to dry out completely before applying another layer. Keep applying vinyl adhesive layers until the coat feels sufficiently firm or becomes approximately 1/16 inch thick.

Step 3 – Let your mattress dry for about 48 hours before using it. This will give sufficient time for the leaks to seal firmly enough.

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Locating a leak in an air mattress can be a bit challenging. This can even be made worse by the fact that air mattresses generally lose air overnight. However, you can easily fix leakages on your mattress without a patch kit.

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